What’s different this time

7 08 2008

Like most lifelong fat people, I’ve done my share of dieting. Obviously, none have been successful. Well, that’s not exactly true either. A few years ago, I went from 298 to 255. It was only in the past 4 months that I gained ten pounds and realized that I wanted to get serious about getting in shape.

Anyway, so why do I always fail? While I don’t have all the answers, of course, I do have a few ideas about what might have gone wrong before and ways to prevent that from happening again.


   You can’t beat it. Well, I can’t at least. So even though it seems super spiffy to drop four pounds a week, that kind of caloric restriction can’t be kept up long term. It’s better to lose one pound a week than to be obsessed with food and always one bad day away from a shopping cart full of newman-o’s and tofutti ice cream.

Taking the long view

  It took me many many years to get this big and while I hope it won’t take a decade for me to lose the weight, it may very well take a few years. That’s ok. I’m getting older no matter what so I may as well work on getting in shape at the same time.

Exercise is a reward for my body, not a punishment

 Humans are meant to move. How much and how intensely might be up for debate, but certainly more than most of us do. I can’t change the fact that our modern world makes being sedentary easy or sometimes even necessary, but I can refuse to use all my free time being even more sedentary (she says as she sits and types this up.)

My goals concern what I want my body to do, not what I wish it looked like

  Having never been not fat, I have no idea what I’ll look like when I lose weight. However, I feel pretty safe in saying that I won’t look like a model or a movie star. Nor will I suddenly shine with indescribable beauty. But you know what I’ll probably be able to do? Jog a mile in under 13:25 (my best time so far) or climb a rock wall (I really want to do this.) 

I understand that losing weight won’t fundamentally change who I am

  I can see where it might improve my confidence, but it won’t make me a social butterfly, a sex vixen or one of those hip chicks from the birth control commercials. I will still be who I am only with less body fat.




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